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Photo Challenge Day 18: Something I bought

I haven't blogged in a while coz I was losing my Photo Challenge momentum and I didn't want to blog about anything else, coz that woulda meant that I had given up.
So here I am... Attempt Number 12398723423 :)

 Okay, so something I boughteded:
Ahmeds Spicy Hot Chips!


Ahmeds is a little roadhouse close to where I live and when I'm reeeaaally lazy (like last night), I stop by and purchase some delicious spicy hot chips for supper.
My son don't mind. I don't mind. Jesus don't mind.

What I love about this roadhouse (besides for its awesome foodlings) is the price!
Spicy Hot Chips: Small R8, Medium R15, Large... uhm, I never buy a large, but I'm pretty sure its reasonably priced as well.

All in all, a happy tummy situation.
Hope you're having a good week!


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