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Photo Challenge Day 15: Something that makes me happy

Its a bird!
Its a plane!
Its a... Its a...
Okay, its really a bird.
Holy Spirit Movements
Holy Spirit Movements
Hello to you too!
Okay so today's Photo Challenge really made me smile because its quite fantasticish.
I cant really takesa pic of it, coz, uhmm I cant really see it... I guess.
So Ill just post a collage of pics of me loving on it... coz that's what I do best.

Righto, so the thing that makes me happy the mostest is: The presence of God!
Da presaaance of de Lawwwwwt!
Its truly something awesome.
Okay, let me begin at the beginning ya'll, before you ditch this post and Google "Cats Who Wear Tutus" or something.
So God is God. God is in all things. God is everything. He was not created. 
He is the only UNCREATED ONE. 
The entire universe is in His hand. So He is a pretty big fella. 

And then God became "FLESH" in the form of Jesus... 
He did this, because us human beings were being really dof and doing stuff that made us move further and further away from Him. Que: Jesus Christ (who is God in a flesh form) who came to Earth, as one of us, and died as we would die... taking all our sins in past present AND future with him. Thanks Jee!!!!

So when Jesus died, God was like "don't worry, I am not far away... I am with you in the form of the Holy Spirit" - So the Holy Spirit is still God. He's not an it. Or just a wind. He's a part of the Godhead and deserves to be respected. He's very powerful yet he lives inside each believer and helps us in our Christian walk to follow what's right and holy. He's the spirit that was in Jesus. Gentle, loving and yet powerful. Now that Jesus has left us to be with the Father and ready our future home, the Holy Spirit is left to minister to us and aid us. He's not our servant, but a teacher. He's not a magician but has the power to perform miracles. 

Jesus said this in the book of John, chapter 14 and verse 16. "I will ask the Father and he will give another Comforter, to be with your forever, the Spirit of Truth." The Holy Spirit comes and lives in us marking us for God's service. The scripture in John 14:26 says, "But the Comforter, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name will teach you all things and remind you of everything I have said to you." 

So yeah, big fan of the Holy Spirit... love His stuff. 
I went through a bit of a downward slide a few weeks ago, and I couldn't feel God or the Holy Spirit anymore. But that's because I was so consumed with ME ME ME and what I was going through and stuff, that I wasn't focusing on Him. 
So then eventually after I released all the negativity and made a choice to move on, did I feel God near. I was like... "Hey Holy Spirit!!!!!! So glad you're back!!!!!!!!!!!!!" 
lol But in actual fact, He never left :)  
Anyways... so yes, this is what makes me smile. 
Feeling God near me ALL the time. 
Knowing that I am not alone. That I don't have to do this thing called LIFE, on my own. That I'm on the winning side, coz my coach CREATED the "game". 
I am totally besotted with all that God is and sooo grateful that He wants to know me. 
 **totally inlove moment right about now** 
Anyways, enjoy the pics ya'll and take a minute to say hi to the Holy Spirit...
He's hanging around waiting for you :) 


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