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Photo Challenge Day 13: Inside my bag

I know I havent photo challenged in a while... You know how it goes with me...
Keen one minute, lost in translation the next..
BUT I'm still up and at it, I promise!
I'm just not doing a photo challenge a day anymore, because sometimes I've got something else on my heart that has nothing to do with photos, and I'd like to share, no strings attached. 

With that said, todays photo challenge is suppose to give you a sneak peak into my hand bag. Now...it may look like you're about to discover Narnia deep in there, but I assure you, my mess makes sense! Well, to me it does :)

You see the white envelopes next to my walley ("wallet", for all you normal speaking civillians) ...well those are 2 gift vouchers for a mall nearby :) Got blessed with 1 for my birthday, and then someone else gave me another one. I was like, "FOR REALS?!"
God is good yo!
Anyways... going to use it for my sisters babyshower next weekend...
But thats another post all on its own.

Oh and clipnote: ITS FRIDAY TODAY!!! 
Aaaack :)

One love from above


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