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Photo Challenge Day 9: Something I use everyday

This is a random pic of my current roll of TP.

my awsome tp
I'm on a roll
I know that ladies are suppose to use a box of delicate tissues to wipe their perfectly powdered noses and what not. But heck, the amount of goob that I have to deal with daily (due to sinus) would devour a box of delicate tissues in an hour. TMI :) I know.
I go through a roll of TP in like a week and a half-ish... It usually stands right there, on that very spot on my desk... waving at the world in all its glory.
Doesn't it look friendly? :)
This one time when I was sitting at front desk, one of my supervisors called me in to her office, to ask me if I cant rather buy some tissues coz the TP looks (and I quote) "unprofessional".
I was like:  "... uhmm... 'ahhhhtishoo!' all over your desk maaaaaaan!"
Okay, I didn't actually say or do that :) I just smiled and hid my TP in my desk draw.
Coz I mean, helluurrrr compared to TP, tissues are like, spiked hair with mirror shades.
Just not gangsta. 

Okay, I just realized that TP is the abbreviation for TOILET PAPER.
That just gives it a whole new meaning, innit?
I prefer saying TP tho.
Toilet Paper makes me feel like my nose is a bum.

Anyways, yes, I just typed up a whole chapter on toilet paper...
clearly my brain is not in work mode today. Let me get back to it.
Have an awesome Friday ya'll.

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