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Photo Challenge Day 7: My favorite quote


I love today's photo challenge because I love my quote.
Romans 8:18
Romans 8:18

Its from one of my favoritest books in the Bible, and arguably my favoritest chapter - Romans 8.
I'm telling you, if you're ever feeling low, read Romans chapter 8.
It speaks about SOOOO much and all that was done for us through Christ and Gods love and other good stuff.  Definitely "Pick Me Up" kinda stuff.
Way better than a chick flick.
Clip note: If the King James Version makes you go "huh"... try using a Bible App on your Black Berry and read it in another version. I love the New Living Translation and The Message versions. The Amplified Bible is also top, because it is more detailed.
Makes for happy reading!

Also, see my pretty flowers... I got em for Mothers Day, and its been like, a week and a half and they are STILL blooming :)
Metaphorical-High-5 to me!

Happy Wed Nes Day!

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