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Photo Challenge Day 3: Something I love & Day 4: My mailbox

I missed Day 3 on Friday due to sleeping for most of the day :)
Yes, that is a grin on my face.
It was a beautiful Friday.

Anyways, herewith, please find my Day 3 AND Day 4 of Photo Challenge.

Day 3: Something that I lurrrv has gots ta be my car. Its no Bugati and I guess I should take care of it a whole lot better, but man, if I didnt have this lil ol black Golf of mine, I would be soooo stuck. I HATE depending on other people - Im a do-it-myself kinda girl. So I literally thank God daily for my car and the ability to drive. I also have nightmares about car accidents, but this is a totally different topic altogether. Ive named my baby Blue... because, well, see the irony in it? But also, the colour blue represents the presence of God. Loves it.

Day 4: My mailbox. I had to sit and think about a "mailbox" and tried to recall the last I saw one. Who has those things anymore?! Anyways, below find a pic of one of my current mailboxes - Whaaat? All my account statements and letters and what-nots are sent to me via email. Is true ya'll. I mean, I must admit that I love and miss my "ooh I hava pen pal" days where you actually strained your wrist writing a scented letter to someone and put it in an envelope and stuff. But ya... those days are gone :)

Top week to you all!

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