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Photo Challenge Day 10: Something from my childhood

Aloha People From The Blog!
So I don't blog on weekends, therefore I think I owe you like 2 Photo Challenges or something. Saturdays one was called "Something From Your Childhood", and I looked around in my flat trying to find something that old :) I finally found my leeetle peice of "treasure" on a totally unexpected place...

Okay, let me explain: so I am using wardrobes that belonged to my dad and mom. They were a wedding gift to them, and yes, I have them now. How vintage of me, right? hahahahaha Anyways, on the inside of my dads "side" of the wardrobe is a little gift card that we gave him for fathers day or his birthday or something a LOOOONG time ago. And by a long time, I mean like, 20-ish years ago. These were pre-divorce days - quite a trip to look back on those years.
Excuse the Black Berry picture quality :)

Have a happy Monday everyone.
May your day be filled with happiness, love and laughter.


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