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Ear Artery : Shiiine Jesus Shiiiine


 Decided to don a pair of sparkly crosses this morning. A co-worker has gone missing and is presumed dead and it has quite honestly, totally left me feeling so burdened. Burdened in the sense of: I wish I took the 6 years that I had with him, to tell him about Jesus... I never did. And now he may never know. I was selfish, and because of that, he wont know the amazing things God has for us in Heaven.

So ya, to get over my gloom, I grabbed these sparklys... I just wanted to feel closer to God and have something on me that reminded me that I am not condemned just because I didnt share His love with my co-worker. Bleugh. I hate that I am making this about me. Okay, lets end this pity party. Moving along swiftly...

I bought these danglys at this reeeeaaallly awsome shop in our local mall, called Vibes. (High 5 to those who know what I'm talking about) I probably paid like R10 for them. I know! Right?! I love 'em because duh, the cross represents Jesus and they sparkle and they are really retro... My cousin once asked me: "Hey, are you maybe like, a charismatic Christian or something?" Wait, I dont know what word he used but it was quite funny. But anyways, it was asked because I have this thing for Jesus/cross inspired earrings. I really think I should be making them...

 Anyways... yes, so with that said, can I just end off this post saying:
Who cares if people look at you like you are weird or a Jesus freak or a character they only see in movies. God is real. And some people need Him so much and they dont even know it... so they end up doing really stupid things to themselves and their families, in an attempt to "fix" whatever they are going through. Some people need Him so much and they dont even know it, and they end up not knowing that there is this God who is alive and real and soooo eager to lift them out of the hole they are in, if only they call on His name. He is waiting.
Its so easy to share His love.
Why dont we?
I think we should.
I'm going to :)
Join me?

This video --->  Letter Video came right on time and really impacted me last night.
Hope it awakens something in you :)
Love you all...



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