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Ear Artery: J to the C ... as well as other stuff

Good Morrow fair Bloggers :) 

This past weekend has been very eventful, and as promised I took a pic of my Jesus ear art. Aint it raaadical? Someone told me He resembles me hahah :) But aint that what the Word says anyways? We are made in His image. 

So anyways, just to be really retro and radical, I paired the earrings with some chunky Christian arm wear and a sling bag. I love this bag because I can fit my junk in it, and not have to worry about misplacing my hand bag. I am a fer-reeaak like that... Constantly worried that Ima lose something. The arm beads were a prezzie from the girls in my Cell Connect Group. Aren't they the sweetest? :) 

So as promised, here is some info with regards to Sean Feucht and what he does:
Sean Feucht is a revivalist and founder of a grassroots global worship, prayer and missions organization called Burn 24/7. His lifelong quest and dream is to witness a generation of burning hearts arise across the nations of the world with renewed faith, vision and sacrificial pursuit after the Presence of God with reckless abandon. He has produced, recorded and released twelve worship albums, numerous teaching resources and recently co-authored his first book "Fire and Fragrance." 

So yes, Sean started an org called Burn 24/7, which encourages and prompts people from all over the world to get actively involved with running and participating in prayer and worship sessions. We have a Burn event in our city once a month (I think) and its really cool, because all the churches throughout the city are invited and if its a all nighter, different worship teams lead worship every few hours. Its so cool because its like, all these people, from different churches and backgrounds, uniting in worship to the one God :) Anyways, so Sean visited our church this Friday and led worship... it was pretty awesome. On Saturday he hosted a mini workshop too.  I was really blown away by the presence of God :) And it wasnt like, a RAH RAH RAH, loud kinda thing (for me)... it was more like an intimate "secret place" worship set. I loved it. I want more. 
Aint nothing like the presence y'all! 



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