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Ear Artery: I gots Jesus on ma eaaaars...

Look what I made :) 
I googled me some Jesus inspired ear art, and found these beauties. 
So now it made me want to design and make some of my very own ear artttsssssss!! 
Hmm... but howwwwww... 
**Pause as I go deep into thought**
 Anyways... I was just reminded of a pair of Jesus earrings, that I have lying at home. 
They are super cool. I should wear them this weekend. Will show you soon-ish. 
Our church is hosting awsome American worship leader and founder of Burn 24/7, Sean Feucht, this weekend. Tonight is a night of prayer and worship, and tomorrow he will be running a workshop on prophetic songwriting and suchlike awesomeness! 
Say it with me now: AAAAAAAACK! :) 

I shall post pics of my beautiful Jesus earrings on Monday and give ya'll a bit of an information bundle on Sean and how the event went. 

I feel like a holy spirit gangsta right now... I don't know why... 
Must be the blog post title... 


PEACE!!! **throws up peace sign and pouts**



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