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Jingle Jangle Monday Bleugh Aaack

So today I'm really really tired.
I feel drained in every aspect.
Just been sitting here wondering what is going on with me today...
I want to lay on my face and zone.
Can I? Please?

In other news, I am wearing my favorite earrings today.
They make a sound whenever I turn my head.
Like a jingely sound. But not really.
Its fun.

fab earrings

Anyways... okay bye.

Wait, I change my mind... not bye.
Have you ever felt like somethings going on but you cant quite place your finger on it?
I feel like God is up to something. Somethings happening in the spirit.
I'm not sure what yet. But I feel the weight of the Holy Spirit and I'm a bit uhmmm...
no no, not uneasy... uhmmm more like... unsettled.
But not like "Scary Old House" unsettled... More like "Its My Birthday Tomorrow And I Hope My Presents Are Good" unsettled.
And now I'm wondering if Ive spelt "unsettled" correctly.
Any the hoozer... PEOPLE! Somethings going down.
I can feel it.

Okay... bye ... for real now. 

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