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Its cold today, book alert and snack pack studs

Its cold today.
And its Monday.
And its cold.

I'd rather be at home under blankets reading a really good book. BTW, speaking bout good books, I just finished a PHE-NO-ME-NAL book by esteemed Christian author, Francine Rivers. Ill do a book review once we have our book club meeting. But until then, go and find Redeeming Love in a bookstore near you and dig in! We can compare notes :) Will mayyyyyybe chat a bit about the story behind the story real soon. But yes, go go go and get that book ya'll!

So this weekend, I dressed up somewhat and went out with a few of my girl friends in honour of super fab Hylissas birthday. We ended up at The Beach Hotel for snacks and then Taboo for mocktails. Yes, I wore heels. I know, right? Ill post a pic of them tomorrow. See me and the pretty ones below :)
Ladies, all the ladies!

Shannon and I

Theresia, Hylissa, Yours truly, Shannon

For Hylissas birthday I gave her a book by author Patti Gordon, called Press Play: Taking the single life off hold and this STER-UN-EENG "snack pack" of artsy studs. Don't you just love 'em? They are quaint and make a statement without being to dressy. I immediatly thought about Lissa when I saw them because she loves alice bands and her hair is pushed back most times, which makes an awesome frame for a pair of funky danglys or studs.

Anyways, I better go and warm my fingeroos around a hot cup of something.
Be good and try not to freeze to much :)

One love,

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