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Hello Tuesday!


Today: The day after a very lovely looong Easter weekend and the 1st day back at work. To my brain, it is most definitely a Monday... but in reality, it is not so. 

This weekend brought on lots of rain and chilly weather... can somebody say "bye bye Summer"? ... and many a bed-laying, tea-drinking and movie-watching times.
I think I am ready to be a house wife now... Ill work in Autumn and Spring... but just give me Winter (to curl up in bed with a book and cook big pots of soup and other such munchys) and Summer (to take the boys out for a swim and eat lots of icecream and other such munchys)... I mean, that's not alot to ask for? Right?

In other news, Christopher is going away for a coupla weeks... boohoo sob sob...
so I am left to my own devices :) I foresee lots of book reading and maybe Ill dust off the ol' guitar. No, really.  Its an old guitar.
Kyles grandaddy gave it to me ... I think it could possibly be an antique.
Or it just looks like one.
I have christianed it, JAMES. It certainly looks like a James.
So I have a feeling ol' Jamesy and I will be reacquainted very very soon.

"I see you high and lifted up beyond the sky"
Okay... Pic time! *checking phone for any pics* 
Ahhh... see pic of me singing "Holy" at church on Sunday evening. It is a beeootiful track by The Ramp (Eddie James) and is led by a few mic singers (including myself) as well as our awesome Word of Faith Choir.
p.s. this pic was taken from our live streaming thingie majiggie.
You can check out our services on Sundays at 9am and 6pm at www.wordofaith.org.za

Any the hoozer, let me get back to pretending to be very deeply engrossed with designing an excel spreadsheet stocklist.

One love,


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