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Gre3n Hill minus 1

So Chris, Ryan and I started a band a coupla years ago, called Gre3n Hill.
Ryan on drums, Chris on guitar and vox, and myself on vox.

We use to play at random places and events just for the kick of it and specialized in uplifting music and "rock n B" (its my version of RnB with a lil Rock in it). Anyways... the 3 of us were REALLY tight... And then Chris and I fell inlurrrrrv *hearts in my eyes* and Gre3n Hill kinda broke up :) But our friendship didnt.

Anyways, my point of this whole essay is that Ry is now moving to Johannesburg and we are really really really really really sad :(
I think Chris may be a tad bit really sadder than I am, because they are bestest friends.

So in memory of Ryan (i know, i know, he isnt dying! gosh why am i so dramatic?!! :) I have decided to post a few pictorials of the awsome times we spent together (with Theresia - token white chick).

*sniff sniff*
Gona miss that lil bugger :(


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