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Ear Artery: The prophetic owl

Owl earrings
Look ya'll!
 Have you ever been in love with jewelery?
And no, Marilyn Monroe, I'm not talking about diamonds or gold. I'm talking about el cheapo silver ones who sparkle and have a meaning :) Yes, my earrings hava meaning. Whaaat? Im deep like that! Anyways, so today, I give you: My beautiful, prophetic, non-Illuminati owl studs.
I bought them at Mr Price for like 20bux.
They came with 2 other sets of plain studs.
One was like, a diamondy pair and the other pearl.
Actually I cant remember coz I was to busy swooning over these puppies.
Okay, I'm sure ya'll are thinking: But Luchae, why an owl? And my answer is: Why not? Huh?
Okay on a serious note tho... why the owl?

Welllllll *takes deep breathe*
An owl is said to be symbolic of the prophetic. The prophetic is when God speaks to someone (most times a prophet... but anyone willing to listen, really) and conveys a message or words of wisdom to said person. Most of the Bible was prophetic. I mean, in the Bible, they even prophesied about Jesus' birth thousands of years before he was born. This is awesome because: It is proof that God can speak to you, and directly guide your steps. The prophetic isn't some hocus pocus pulla-rabbit-outta-hat kinda thing. You just need to have a relationship with God and a finely tuned ear to the supernatural.

Anyways, it has been prophesied that the prophetic is one of my gifting. And this has really challenged me to press in to God deeper than before and learn as much as I can about being a prophet. And anyways, who wants to go to someone and say: "Thus sayeth the Lord!" and then you're wrong and people think you're a dufus :)
But I guess this is where FAITH comes in, having a stable relationship with God and knowing His voice.
Okay back to the owl:
So generally, the owl is considered as a symbol of death and apparently they are used as an Illuminati symbol as well. But you know what? Boohoo to them. We are taking all our symbols back! The owl was created by the only living God, so we will take it right on back, thank you very much. The owl represents wisdom, insight and virtue and besides for its big eyes that are brim fulla symbolism already (representing wisdom etc), the fact that it can see in the dark alone speaks VOLUMES. Because this is what the prophetic is all about... seeing things that others cant, so to speak. God shares info with you where others are in the "dark" haha.
I just love it so much maaaaaan!

Anyways, see below, my pretty chain... its longish and hosts a bow, a shoe and a rose.
I paired that up with my owl studs so I'm feeling prrrrretty... errr... symbolic, today :)
What do you think?

pretty pendant
Narnia: The bow, The shoe & The rose
Owl earrings
Prophetic Owlery


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