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Ear Artery: The dainty bow stud

So I love earrings. I dont actually know why...
Coz I HATE my ears.
I really do.
But here I am, a lover of earrings.
I have approx... uhh.... ALOT of danglys at home..
Some given to me by beautiful friends and family, some bought at chinese stores at BARGAIN prices, some collected over time.

Anyways, so I decided to blog about them... hey why not?
I was actually inspired last week, when i was blogging about Monday being Monday (see blog post "Jingle Jangle Monday Bleugh Aaack"  ) and I thought, hey Ima mention my pretty danglys right about now.
And I did.
See them next door... Pretty, right?

Soooo today I feature a pair of my very delectable, dainty and quaint ear art.
I got these from a good friend, Crystal, for my 20-somethingth birthday.
I love them because they make me feel all sophisticated like and go with my favorite cream and brown checkerd neck scarf. Yay me.
The only crappish thing is that they sometimes fall out...
So I kinda live in dread, waiting to lose one.
My boyfriend says he has never met anyone as clumsy as I am.
I dont know what hes talking about.

See my delectable ear art for your oohing and aahing pleasure:



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