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Book Club: The Divine Romance by Gene Edwards

Good morrow :)
This weekend, The Gateway Book Club, headed by yours truly and a good friend, Kim, hosted its first meeting of sorts at an awesome eatery called Angelos in Walmer, Port Elizabeth. The book we were reviewing and discussing is The Divine Romance written by genius author, Gene Edwards. Man oh man did this book blow our friggen minds!

The Divine Romance

Amazons write up about the book:
A breathtakingly beautiful saga spanning from eternity to eternity, presented from the view of angels. Experience creation, the crucifixion, and the resurrection from this unique viewpoint, and gain a better understanding of the majestic love of God. Gene Edwards’s classic tale is the greatest love story ever told.

This book spoke to us about Gods love for us. How He literally gave up being the only living thing to create us because He wanted to pour out His love on us! God pursues us daily because He is longing to be reunited with His bride, the church. Are we allowing Him to pursue us? Are we availing ourselves to our bridegroom? So many questions were raised and challenges accepted to meet God as He longs to meet with us.

The venue was stunning... it was a perfect Summery morning and breaki for me was a chicken and mayo tramazeni and a yum yum fruit cocktail juice. Delicious!!! And the prices were awesome too :)

The Gateway Book Club girls
Nom Nom Nom

Anyways, back to the book haha... (just like me to get distracted by the foood)
Guys I suggest you go out and read this book... 
It is fabulous and will make God and the cross so much more real to you.
This amazing story, told by the angels, starts at Genesis and then travels with Jesus as He lives and then dies on the cross and is resurrected again! Its based on scripture but expounded in such a way that you totally understand it way better and it fills in the blanks for those analytical minded peeps such as myself :)

Before you read it, grab a box of tissues, get out of the "religious" box in your mind and ready yourself for a deep revelation!
Oh! and take notes! :)

One love,


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