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Stab me with a fork in my eye!!
Yes, good morning to you too...
This has been a morning resembling something out of one of those Jamie Lee Curtis horror movies. Low budget, bad effects and terrible dialogue.
But I'm taking it one "wooosahhhh"at a time.... remembering to keep shining my light.
"Shiiiiiine Jesus Shiiiiiiine..." hahaha remember that song?

I think that's one of the challenges of working in the secular world...
You have to constantly remind yourself who your Daddy is.
And you have to constantly remind yourself that you are representing Him!
Yes, that means I cant throw someone with a stapler against his forehead.

So today...
I choose to smile.
I choose to love.
I choose happiness.
I choose peace.
I choose to forgive.
I choose to show kindness.
I choose to be different and not conform.
I choose LIFE!



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