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Tuesdays are Shoes Days... Right?

So normally I get dressed in whatever doesn't make me look like the female version of Humpty Dumpty pre-fall, and today is none the different.
But I was like, what-the-hey, Ima post about my shoes today.
(oh and look, that rhymed!)
So today I shoe blog... 1stly because Ive seen the "Tuesdays are Shoes Days" title on a couple of blog posts and Twitter updates. But also because I think my shoes are really really cute. Whats a girl to do? ;)

Anyways, so today I am sporting my very comfortable, very glitterati, black sequined pumps. I think I bought them at Mr Price (or Monsier Preesay, for all you upmarket bloggers) or Legit (to legit to quit yeahee yeah) and probably did not spend more than R70 on them.

I love these stunners because they do not hurt my feet, they are pretty and they hide my (debatably cute) toes, but still leave enough room for the imagination.  LOL
I know, right? :)
Where do I get these things from.

Moving along swiftly...
I am a reformed shoe-a-holic, and am very proud of myself... I mean, those babies are not cheap. And besides for that, I stand alot lol which sounds like a weird thing to say, but its the truth. Alter calls and worship sets sometimes go on for more than 30 minutes, and one has to be prepared for such a thing. So because Ive been wearing alot of pumps and flats of late, my toetsies bruise easily when I wear a pair of heels. And that sucks through a curly straw. I'm not sure if feet have feelings too or if they have like, short term memory or something, coz hello, I use to dance the night away in super high heels like I was Americas Next Top Model.
Kungfu Panda on Heels.
But yes, I am trying to make the most of my pumps by searching for really interesting designs and styles. Hmmm... someone should write a book about the beauty and necessity of a good pair of pumps. I mean, who said you cant look beautiful while not choking your big toe? I know that heels have a certain "gene se qua" to it, and I agree :) But my days of wearing a pair of sky-high-puppies are over. Wait a minute.. I think I am transitioning into... Old Age!!!!

I joke, I joke :)
Anyways, I'm off to write my new book:
Luchae Gie, Down To Earth - How to look phat in flats.

Be good!


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