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This is how I feel! So deal! Please?


Okay, so I have something to say, and Ima say it.
I am a Christian.
I am a proud Christian.
Heck, I am a LOUD and PROUD Christian.
And in this day and age when people boast about their favorite soccer teams or reality tv shows or singers who hatch out of an egg on stage, why cant I boast about a God who loves undeservingly, gives freely, saves, delivers from heartache and frees us??

It has never been my motive to make anyone feel as if I am looking down on them or as if they are not "good enough".  Heck, I'M not good enough!
We all fall short of Gods glory.
When Jesus died, He died for ALL of us...
Black, White, Indian, Coloured, Chinese, Beliebers... all of us :)
Thats coz God loves us all the same.
I am not more loved because I go to church or choose to live for Him.
But I am walking in my purpose and destiny and His blessing because I choose to ...well... live for Him.

Being a born again Christian doesnt mean that I am better.
It just means that I have decided to have a deep and intimate relationship with God.
I have chosen to please my God.
And I acknowledged the fact that nothing Ive ever done... not even the worse thing, is big enough to keep me away from God, if I accept what Jesus done when He died on that cross.
It means I have made a decision to allow God to direct my steps.
And you know what people, when you've made that decision, and when you spend time in His presence and get to know the God that created everything, you cant help but want to shout out His goodness from the rooftops! You just want to laugh and dance and tell everyone how glorious it is to know Him and to belong to Him.
I mean, He isnt this mystical creature that we cannot touch. God wants to have a relationship with us... and when you get to know Him in an intimate way, leme tell you, nothing can compare.

It doesnt mean Im like, a monk or a nun or some super spiritual being who wears a halo.
But it does mean that I am aware of the spiritual because God is alive and His holy spirit is within me. And I am aware of the supernatural, because He does things supernaturally. And I am aware that He is everywhere and everything and in control even when you dont know it!
I mean, who wouldnt want to know the dude who is in control of your life? LOL :)

So yes, I have a passion for His name.
I choose to live my life doing things that will please my daddy God.
I choose to let go of things that will draw me away from Him. 
Because I think He is amazing! And I love Him!

I've seen people go gaga for Gaga, crazy about MJ and even more crazier when their football team wins the worldcup...
They run in the streets, with their teams name painted on their faces, wearing the colours on their shirts and shouting their praises... worshiping Messi, worshipping Hannah Montana, worshipping Drake.
True Worship
Worshipping God
Jonas Brothers
Jonas Brothers/Taylor Swift Concert


Hey, its freedom of speech right? And noone gets offended by it.

Well, I do the same thing... I always want to have His praise on my lips.
And I always want to live a life poured out for Him. 
And I always want to have my every day life revolving around the God who gives life!

So I'm sorry if you're offended by the fact that I love loving on my God.
But I am not sorry that I love on my God.
And I cant promise you that I am going to stop.
But I can promise you that I do it because I am overwhelmed by His goodness and presence in my life.
No hidden motives :)

One love


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