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How to be sad without being sad 101

Hi guys,
Okay I can finally blog ... its a bit weirdish tho, coz its not allowing me to make paragraphs proply.  So now it looks like Im rattling off. Which I maybe am. But thats not the point here :)
Herewith, please find my "Monday Update on a Tuesday" attached... :)

Okay, let me begin at the beginning.
This has been a very emotional week for me.
Early last week, I found out that my cousin and his wife (who happens to be a good friend of mine) lost their baby, Logan Allan, after being in mommys oven for only 6 months.
He was born prematurely, and his tiny little body was just not strong enough.
I had also then learnt some very ... uhm... unexpected news from another family member.
 AND my grandmother, who has been sickly, has taken a turn for the worst.

On Tuesday, I sat at my desk and cried secretly. (Coz, hello, people cant see me, Luchae Gie, crying. I dont roll like that.) I really felt overwhelmed by all the sadness and was so ready for Jesus to come and take me to heaven. Id rather be there, than on this earth filled with sadness, loss and hurt. I tried to remind myself about my Daddy Gods love and His plan for the future. But it was hard.

Anyways, Wednesday was Jesus Culture day! Our church was the host venue for this famous christian band, and I was very excited! I left work a few hours early to stand in the line... very expectant that God was going to move. I just needed SOMETHING... anything. I needed to hear from Him and for Him to tell me that everythings going to be okay.
Jesus Culture was amazing! Annointed speakers and such an annointed worship team. So while we were in worship I had an encounter with God that made me go WOOWWWWWWW... God showed me His love for all of us... it was so thick and warm and full and it was immovable and steady and unconditional. It made me feel warm and like I was covered by a thick blanket, but not in an uncomfortable way. I just started laughing, coz in that moment, this love... this UNCONDITIONAL love made me feel like I had just won the lotto or something haha and I laughed at how ridiculous it was for God to love me that way, when I dont deserve it... but He does anyways.
 I was awstruck.

Scott Thompson, the Pastor of Bethel, Atlanta, prophesied peace and joy over me. And let me tell you, I havent stopped laughing. I have these random outbursts while Im at my desk, or in my car. People probably think Im crazy. And they are right. Anyways, in that moment, God had showed me that He is for us and not against us. And regardless of the decisions we make that may or may not affect our lives in a negative way, He is STILL for us.

He will take that negative decision and turn it into a positive outcome.
And He will take that negative situation, and make it work together for our good.
Where hope seems lost, He is there, because He is the Father of Hope!
Nothing flops when He is in the centre of it! #FACT
Its really difficult to be sad, even though you REALLY want to, when you know that everythings going to be okay :) Thanks alot Dad.

Psalm 32:7 "Thou art my hiding place; thou shalt preserve me from trouble."



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