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So its my birthday on Sunday the 18th.
Ahhh yes... another year... another kilometer...
What was that?
How old will I be turning?
Wellll... lets just say, I am very close to 30.
Very. Very. Close.
But in my heart I am still 21 years old.
So in many ways, this is the 8th anniversary of my 21st birthday.
I must admit, I moped around a bit, playing the "Im so old now" card, but then I realized that, hello I could either cry about the years that are gone or I can rejoice because Ive made it through those years!
To be quite honest, Im sure we all feel that our lives have been so hard :)
Growing up was SO hard!
Puberty was SO hard!
Oh boohoo. Come on now :) Yes, we can all share a story or two or three about how we learnt life lessons at Expert Level with Amateur Skill. And Blah Blah Blah.
But you know what? DAGNABIT! Here we are, still alive to tell the tale!
I have been through so MUCH in my young life, but God has kept me safe and alive and FAVOURED enough to have a story and have people around who care about me enough to listen to the constant blabbing (on and on) about said story.
This must mean that the Big Man wants me around for a lil while longer :)
*thumbs up to God*
So I will try my best to avail myself to Him, coz He probably has an awsome game plan.
And this time, I will NOT be an amateur. Im on the winning side. And Ive got the cheats :)
Okay this was not meant to be a preaching session wakakakakaaaa :)
But yes, I am so happy to be alive people!
Alive and... kicking?
Okay, scrap the kicking part. Im lazy today. :)
Happy Anniversary to me!
PS, see pic of me being really young below :)
(Has it really been 10 years since that hair disaster? Hallelujah, older and wiser wahaha! :)


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