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Music Monday: Kari jobe

So my birfday turned out to be pretty rad :)
And by pretty rad, I mean TOTALLY AWSOME!!!
My guy got me the new Kari Jobe cd... which is my topic for the day. Oh yes it is!
Kari is a christian/gospel singer, born and raised in Watauga, Texas. She is an associate worship pastor for Gateway Church in Southlake, TX, and is also a member of Gateway Worship, a Christian worship band associated with Gateway Church.

Any the hoozer, now that all the formalitys are out of the way, let me speak about her very first, self-titled debut album. I really feel like any other word except AWSOMUNGUS, will not do it justice. It was released in February 2009, but I got my pretty little hands on it in like, uhmmm.... May 2010ish.... Actually wait, I dont know when I got it. But uhmmm. Yeahhhh. Soooo.. What was I saying? Oh yes! Big fan. Love her stuff :) The songs on that cd really speak to me. Ive loved her music (and first cd) since I was asked to sing "My Beloved" at our 2010 Womens Conference. Some of my other favorites on said cd are "Beautiful" , "Everyone needs a little" and "You are for me" .
See pretty CD cover here ----->
**insert tears of immense musical joy**
Anyways, moving along swiftly... So Kari, my homegirl, released her 2nd cd in Jan of this year. I was thrilled! Except for the fact that I didnt have it yet.... up until yesterday, that is :) As I said, ,my very awsome and thoughtful boyfriend got me the new cd, titled "Where I find you" for my birfday... **smile** ....I literally shrieked when I opend the pretty box.
See the other pretty CD cover here ----->
My thoughts thus far:
Im loving the sweet (sweet as in "aww", not as in "sweet dude") music, beautiful lyrics and Jesus-filled heart that is behind it.
My favorites right now (as in today) are:
"We are"... so catchy!
"Find you on my knees" ... need I say more?
"Love came down"... A Bethel cover *grin*
 and "Stars in the sky".. bee-oo-tee-full!

Anyways, will update ya'll on my favs as it changes...
and I have a beautiful feeling inside that itll change everyday :)
Dont you just love it when a cd leaves you so undecided on its brilliance?!

Okay Im rambling now.............. as I do...

Ciao for now :)


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