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angry-type disagreements VS love

Chris and I had a fight last night.
Okay, the word "fight" sounds like we had our boxing gloves on.
Lets rather say, we had a disagreement :)
Chris and I had an angry dissagreement last night. (Disagreement sounds to "nice")
And in the midst of the angry dissagreement I kinda thought... "woah, this is different..."
It was different because for the first time in my life, I was having an angry dissagrement with someone who wasnt going to leave me, do something to spite me or say hurtful things just to get back at me. I didnt have to watch my back, or expect the worst, or compromise on how I feel because it doesnt work for him.

Ive got  a good thing here.
Someone who cares so deeply for me, that he would let me rant and rave, sitting back until Im done throwing a tantrum so that he can tell me he still loves me and wont I please calm down now.
Someone who loves who I am so much that when I'm not being myself he wants to know what is going on and doesnt accept any "oh its nothing" excuses.
Someone who adores my son to the point where sometimes even I get confused and refer to him as "your father".
Someone who thinks Im the most beautiful girl in the world when I wake up with mascara on my cheek, drool on my pillow and my hair doing strange things I've only ever seen on a clown.
Someone who, despite all my flaws, has chosen to love and honor me as a woman of God for the rest of my life... (minus the ring...right now ;)
Someone who I get into an angry dissagreement with sometimes but still loves me with the whole of his heart.

I am blessed with the best!

Ah love :)
Aint nothing like it.



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