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The Tired Chronicles

Hey peoples! I know, I know, its been way to long.
Ive had a hectic past few months and I am trying to squeeze the last bit of energy out now for the looming December madness... so bare with me as I try to blog a little sumthin' about nuthin'

Well, we've just recorded our churchs' 2nd live CD... so yes, you've guessed it... rehearsals upon rehearsals combined with rehearsals and little bit of , oh look, more rehearsals.
I know it sounds like Im groaning, which I semi am, but in all honesty those rehearsals and the actual day of the CD recording made up some of my best moments of 2011.

In other news: My baby boy will be turning 10 soon. 10!!! Double digits my bru!
Thats old :)
... for a kid
... of a young person such as myself...

Anyways, I really thought I'd have more to say, but the Monday-ness is stuck in my brain, making it ineffective and inadequate for a time such as this.
Please forgive me.

Okay let me end this pathetic excuse of a blog post off with a pic of... (pause while I search my album for an interesting pic) ahhhh of my very cool boyfriend being very cool.
Isnt he very cool?

<3 Post soon... I think...



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