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Music Monday: Bethel - Be lifted high

I'm a music kinda girl :)
I believe that I was created to resound the sound of heaven...
I mean, we were all born with the ability and yearning to worship...
And I've chosen to focus my worship on God.
With that said, I'm sure its pretty obvious that my music of choice would be any form of Praise & Worship or basically anything uplifting.

My pick for the day is the wonderful and amazing Bethel cd, called "Be lifted high."
Bethel is the main church of Jesus Culture (one of my favorite bands).
So Jesus Culture is like, the Youth Ministry of Bethel Church.

Anyways, I am totally smitten over Jen Johnson... the Bethel worship leader (along with her hubby). Her voice is wack, but in a totally awesome way! You need to hear it to understand. Kim Walker is one of the Jesus Culture worship leaders... and her voice is INSANE too! Loving these women :)

Anyways... so my favorite track on the cd is called One Thirst... Beautiful track.

Don't just take my word for it people! Go out and listen to this cd... You will be blown away whether you're into "Christian music" or not. I guarantee you that it will totally turn your Monday frown upside down. Aint nothing like it!

One love from above,


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