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Wanting More

06.05.2011 - Day 1
Last night God spoke to me. We are currently having a prayer week at church, and during worship, my generational leader started singing the word "Hungry". God asked me what do I hunger after. I obviously said... "more of you, Lord." Then God told me to prove it. By this time, I had come to realize that I depend on so much to get me through a typical day... food, food and lots of food... peoples affection and affirmation... etc. when I should be hungering and hunkering after the bread of life. The word of God. I have been slack in that department and in order to set things straight, I've decided to go on a "how ever many" days Food Shortage of sorts. Above and beyond the food and what I eat, I am going to focus on my prayer life and how much times a day I spend getting into the Word. 11 hours into Day 1, and I am doing well. I feel great :) I am so eager and excited. My spiritual grand father told me that there is a breakthrough coming.... And I so cant wait for it!
Anyways... will keep you updated on how things go.
Stay blessed,

07.07.2011 - Day 2
The question resounding in my spirit is:
"What do you hunger after? What do you hunger after? What do you hunger after?"
What do we focus our attention on? What are we craving and yearning for?
Is it affection and attention from a specific someone?
Or maybe its wealth or beauty or being skinny.
What do all these things gain us?
Can it edify us? Can it grow us? Can it fill us?
What can another person give me?!
God wants us to be hungry after Him. He wants us to want more of Him... more of His presence. He could have MADE us worship Him, but He is a gentleman... A kind and merciful God. And He wants us to want to be with Him. He wants to reveal things to us... The mysterys of Him... The mysterys of us. He wants to show us more and more about Him and more and more about ourselves!
Are you hungering after the proper "food"?

08.07.2011 - Day 3
Its day 3 and I've begun to incorporate normal foods into my daily diet... but I am still mindful of what I put into my body and most importantly, what gets most of my attention. I noticed that my body needs certain things but yet it still craves for others... and most of the cravings are things it doesnt NEED... things that arent really healthy or good for my body. i.e. choclates, burgers, pizza :) but also inactivity... or let me rather say: laziness, lots of sleep etc. And this just reminded me of our spiritual "bodies"...
What do I feed my spirit? Am I spiritually healthy?
Is my spirit up, alive and kicking? Am I connected to the source?
2 nights ago, I had such a hectic encounter with God! I was praying and war-faring and fell into a sleep-like state. It was there that I met with Him, in my battle, and He reminded me that through Him, I am always victorious. In fact, WE are victorious... because He is always with me, fighting for me. He gave me a few prophetic words for various people, but when I awoke, I did not remember what the words were or what He said to me. All I know is that it blew my mind!! This has given me an urgency to pray pray pray and seek Him. I love Him so! And I cant wait to hear what He has to say to me!

I have ended my semi-fast but I am still so aware of Gods presence in my life and what I choose to hunger after. Last night, during my quiet time, I just felt this urgency in my spirit to pray for peoples destinys. And thinking about it now, what I thirst for ultimately becomes the things I accept into my life... And can I move into my God-designed destiny if I am focussing on the wrong things? Uhmm... No :)
God showed me a scripture in 1 Peter that speaks about being holy and setting your hope on the grace given to us through Jesus... setting your mindset on that grace and not comforming to the world. He calls us holy! Which means that it can be done. 
If God says it, then I believe it! Amen? 

1 Peter 1:13-16:
"Therefore, with minds that are alert and fully sober, set your hope on the grace to be brought to you when Jesus Christ is revealed at his coming. As obedient children, do not conform to the evil desires you had when you lived in ignorance. But just as he who called you is holy, so be holy in all you do; for it is written: “Be holy, because I am holy.”

So anyways, I'm ending off this post with a song that has been stirring me all up kindsa sumthin' for a while now. Its called One Thirst, by Bethel, and it speaks about making Him your only desire and crying out to Him with all you have, not resting and settling until you see His face. My guy introduced this song to me, and when I heard the words and just the way it was brought across by the Bethel musos...so ernestly and with yearnful hearts... it made me want to cry out for more more MORE! It has helped to awaken a hunger within me, to cry out from my deep to God... (Psalm 42:7)
Be blessed.

One Thirst - Bethel

You say to us, “Seek My Face”
Our hearts reply, “Your Face we seek”

Come teach us Lord, reveal Your ways,
Anoint us for, the greater things

We have gathered with one thirst and hunger
Here to drink of glory and wonder
Here to cry out, “Come and fill this place!”

Our single wish, our sole desire
To gaze upon, Your beauty God

We will not rest, nor will we cease
Till with our eyes, Your face we see

We wait for you to come and show Your glory here today
We wait for You…
Hallelujah, Come



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