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Music Monday: Adele - 21

Wait, is that how you spell it?
Anyways... hey gang! *waves excitedly*
(and by gang, I mean my 1 loyal follower ;)

As my current play list would suggest, I have just recently discovered the amazing voice of Adele.
Believe it or not, I heard it in a noisy Mc Donalds diner on the outskirts of George, 4 hours away from home and I was like... AAAACK!
I then made sure I got my hands on the single (its called "Someone Like You") and let me just say one thing before I carry on:


Yes, I likey :)

So I started listening to a whole bunch of her stuff (including one of her first singles titled "Hometown Glory" which she wrote when she was 16!!) and decided that I want to marry her voice, in a quick and irrational Vegas wedding and live happily ever after!
After realizing this dream is impossible and totally illogical, I then settled with just liking her music.
So here I am... inlike, with Adeles voice.
She did a really awesome cover of an Etta James song, "Fool that I am"...
If Adele were in the room right now, I would be giving her 2 thumbs up and a pat on the back saying ‘good job lady, good job.’
The way she totally hits the musical nail on the head with that tune got me to thinking about all the other Etta James songs and covers that I so dearly love... The foray of songs that always make me want to grab a hair brush and sing along in the mirror...i.e. At last, Rather go blind, All I could do was cry ...
The emotion Ettas voice carries simply takes singing to a level of what I call: SANGING.
Loving it! *add to play list*

It also made me miss Zee Avi... the You Tube talent that I discovered last year...
Lets just say her voice is a mixture of Adele, Etta and Awsomeness... combine that with guitaring skills and songwriting brilliance that just kinda makes the world a better place without having to do anything.
Awsome! *add too play list*

Anyways, with that said, its safe to guess that I am having a neo-soul, bluesy, folksy, jazzy, musical-bubble of a day.

Its fun here :)
Join me.



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