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Trust vs Psychopaths

I have trust issues.
My trust issues are:
Sometimes I trust to much and
Sometimes I trust to little.

I am aware of these issues and have therefore decided to blog about it....
I mean, this is where we deal with our issues, right? hehe

Okay, back to Serious Land.
So a person who has never been very nice to me during our brief acquaintance, has decided to make a reappearance in our lives. My sweet-entertaining-big hearted-boyfriend is giving the benefit of the doubt, even though the benefit (in my eyes) has been overused, abused and totally runs dry now.
I am trying really hard and praying really hard that the aforementioned person has learnt a lesson in interpersonal skills and hopefully a huge one in "How Not To Act Like A Psychopath".
I mean, life makes people act really crazy sometimes...
So I am trying hard to represent Gods Kingdom and be understanding about it all.
I promise I am.

This is actually kinda funny coz normally I am the nice guy... You know?
I can be a bit TO nice at times...
TO nice to the extent of:
"Agggg its fiiiiiine :) Everything is fiiiiine...
I dont mind that you just stabbed a knife in my back...
wait, heres another one, want to have a second go at it?"

But lets just say that this person took the knife out and continued to make little holes alllll over my oval body.
So it'll take a tad bit more Jesus Juice for me to let it slide... But I'm getting there!

And yes, I hear you guys going:
"But Hey, Luchae! What about your post about forgiveness, dated 'not to long ago'???"
Yeah Yeah Yeah :)
You guys are right.
I hate it when that happens.

Will let you know how it all goes down.
Thanks for the support...

One love!



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