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Our trip to Cape Town for Israel

I am exhausted this morning.
Why, you ask?
Well, it could possibly be because I left work on Monday, hopped into a very packed Land Rover and traveled all the way to Cape Town to spend 12 hours there and then travel back.
Coz that's how I roll :)

Okay, lets start at the top.
A very well known Gospel musician, Israel Houghton, has a team of singers called "New Breed" who accompanies and performs with him when he has shows etc. These singers, dont just sing... they SANG! (If you know what I mean). So yes, they are quite awsome.

Anyways, so this inspiring guy decided to hold auditions for a New Breed AFRICA team.
When I heard this, I thought.. "Yay, Go Africa!"
Until my very persistent Worship Leader and friends decided to make a road trip out of it.
Anyways, after many-a-email, phone call, sms and BBM, I decided to join the 6 other crazies who decided to make a trek through to Cape Town for the day.
The trip was very entertaining and contained various random moments such as stopping to make cartwheels in the rain, arguments about what the rules of riding "shotgun" are and a very memorable play list (the same CD over and over and over and over and...)

The auditioning process was actually quite fantastic... nothing like Idols...
(Christians know how to do it, hey).
I did not make it, but received FANTASTIC feedback and advice from the panel of judges.
I mean, I actually left feeling motivated.
They spoke to me about my passion for singing and encouraged me to take the lead more (solos) etc.
They even spoke to me about Whitney Houston and stuff...
and how she shadowed Bebe and Cece Winans to learn from them and that I should study what she did and learn from it. Not that I'm a Whitney Houston kinda girl... but okay, thanks *big smile*
But listen, between me and you, I was slightly relieved that I didn't get in, because I don't know how I'd feel leaving my son and love behind every time I had to travel or tour.
I think I'm in "settle down and have a baby" mode now.
Woah, wait... that's actually scary.
*think young person thoughts, think young person thoughts, think young person thoughts*

Aaaanyways, the trip wasn't for nothing though...
My supermama and our churches Worship Leader, Anika, made it through to the finals :)
We are ecstatically proud even though we are giving Israel and Team the side eye for possibly stealing our lady away from us.
She is super wise and informed. Follow her on Twitter here -> www.twitter.com/anikamillhouse

Oh and did I mention that we did a pit stop halfway there and back to see the love of my life who is working in a town called George for the week.
Friday cant come any sooner.

But yes folks, all in all, it was a fabulous experience ...
Not that I would do it again....... Anytime......... this year...

Peace, Love and Guitar Strings



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