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Musical Dillemma

ooo... Hi there :) I was just sitting here admiring my STILL fresh looking flowers (I know, right?) and thinking about the beauty of beauty....among other things. And then I realized that I do not have any background music setting the mood. So then I (sadly) closed all the actual work I was busy with..... And checked out my "Music" folder. And people and let me just tell you that I am at a serious NEED for new music! Now, being a young musically inclined Christian lady who has an impeccable taste (if I may say so... If I may not, then Ill still say it) of music, this really irked me. I thought about downloading new music, but you know, honestly, I’m really not into doing that. I’m a "hard copy" kinda girl. I do this thing where I study the WHOLE inside booklet of a cd... I want to know who the backup singers are...who wrote the song... who produced it... who played keys... who the person is thanking... You know? That kinda thing. And another thing, how'm I suppose to sing along if I don’t have the lyrics?? Like, helooooooo!

Anyways, so then I, in my state of "AAACKNESS" opened up my desk drawer and found this classic beauty lying in the back.

No, it’s not mine :)
Not because I'm hating on the brother for hating on a sister.
But just because uhhh...its not mine.
It actually belongs to a friend of mine who borrowed my Corrine Bailey Rae cd and let me hold on to this beauty as collateral.
I'm thinking that I lost in this game.
Corrine rocks.

But anyways, moving along... I have a point I promise.
So with all of this said, I have decided to go cd shopping SOONEST!
And I just came here to share.
That is all.



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