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Monday is a Funday... Noooooot

Good morning fellow Monday Despisers.
Normally, I am the bright and chirpy voice in the office singing Brooke Fraser melodies at 8am on a Monday morning.
You know... the voice you want to find ...and slap.
But alas, not this morning. I am feeling a sense of gloom that I know will disappear once I've had my first bit of java and BFraser... but for now, its still here.


1. My "oh so special and amusing, but deeply serious at times" boyfriend is away on business for the next week...
and get this: when he returns on Friday, Ill be off to a women's retreat. So I only see him on Sunday! Blah.
See pic attached for your "Oohing and Aahing" pleasure. He's fun :)  http://www.twitter.com/chriswilliamspe

Okay, moving along...

2. I had a really disturbing dream last night, that has left a baaaad taste in my mouth. It had hints of car wrecks, tsunamis and children that cant swim, in it. This dream had me praying IN my dream aaand when I woke up.
Ive got to shake it off. I hate dreams like these.

3. My favorite office partner, Jessica, is coming in to work late this morning. So there is no one to talk to, laugh with and mildly irritate. That sucks.

And lastly... I am going on a small road trip this afternoon and I've just discovered that I've forgotten my guitar at home.
That sucks allot... Like a big curly straw SUCKS.

Anyways, I'm sure this day will get better. It always does.
Jeremiah 29:11 - Gods plans for me are ALWAYS good and never to harm me.
So, I'm covered.
But I just thought I'd share :)

Love, Peace and Guitar Strings...



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