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Introducing Eliza Foogle

Yes people, the time has come for me to unleash the terribly amusing ramblings of my terribly amused mind.

I started writing a book in September 2008 when I was young (ger) and wayyy more skinnier and had a totally sad outlook on life and myself. Praise the Lord, all of that has changed now :) But after reading my (very very short) 1st draft of the book, I thought "oh what the hey" and decided to blog about it, in an attempt to shove me into actually finishing the thing. So herewith, starts my new label "Writing Stuff" ...
Which will compromise of me... uhmm... writing stuff :)

Anyways, back to the book.
Eliza Foogle, was birthed at a time when I was very much single and very much looking (singles are always looking!) for a relationship but feeling like I was always falling short in some department.. Whether it be looks, or brains or even good ol sanity, ya know?
I finished 3 or so chapters and then the novelty of it just totally wore off.
So ya...
Ill post the chapters periodically and maybe write a bit more :)

So if you've happened to stumble upon this very secretive and well hidden blog of mine, then please, stay a while, read my storys, and let me know what you think about my thinkings :)

One love,



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