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Flowers just because

So on Friday, my beautiful-strange-exciting-random and very very humorous boyfriend of 1 year and 2 months sent me flowers to my place of employment. I must admit that the thrill of hearing the flower delivery guy say MY name was almost as exciting as getting the actual flowers. I'm pretty sure I had this (embarrassing) triumphant "Its MEEE!!!" look on my face. I mean, I cant say that I've ever dated "sends me flowers just because" kinda guys before. Raise your hands in the air, if those kind of things only happens to the mean lady down the hall or in those quirky office movies. The guys I use to date, sent me text messages... just because. Or problems.... just because. Not hating, just stating :) Anyways, so I'm just here to let all you single ladies know that yes, there is hope. So here's a pic of my "flowers just because"... What a reminder of the beauty of LOVE hey? I pray that all of you may receive a wondrous bountiful harvest of "flowers just because" one day very soon.


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